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Spraying the Code on Permanent Magnet

Spraying the unique mark on all magnets will clarify the south pole, north pole and the name of electric motor manufactures, which can perfectly meet your design requirements. This way is suitable for all shapes and sizes.



Strong Permanent Magnet, Magnet Assembly

About this Item

  1. Spraying the unique mark on strong permanent magnets, such as mark South Pole, North Pole, and logo, etc. This way won’t affect any physica and magnetic properties, and it is not easy to wiped off.

  2. The professional spraying equipment in our packing unit will support any spraying requirements.

  3. This spraying way is suitable for multiple surface treatments on magnets, such as phosphating, electroplating, electrophoresis, and vapor deposition.

  4. ANHUI HANHAI NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD. offers flexible prices for Permanent Magnetic Materials variations depending on the importing country and quantity.


Round Neodymium Magnet, Block NdFeB Magnet, N52 Strong Magnet, Servo Motor Magnet, Linear Motor Magnet, etc.