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Magnet Guideway for U-channel Linear Motor



Neodymium Magnets

About this item

The U-channel linear motor has two parallel magnet tracks facing each other, and a pressure head is arranged between the plates. The press is supported in the magnetic rail by a bearing system. The propeller is iron-free, which means there is no attractive force and interfering force between the indenter and the magnetic track. The ironless coil assembly is light and allows very high acceleration.

Usually, the coil winding is three-phase, with brushless commutation. Higher performance can be achieved by adding air cooling to the motor, and there is even a water-cooled version. This design is more suitable for reducing magnetic leakage because the magnets are opposite to each other and are accommodated in the U-shaped channel. The design can also minimize the risk of injury caused by strong magnetic attraction.

The track design allows them to be combined to increase the stroke length. The only limitation of the operating length is the length of the cable management system; the length of the encoder is available; and the ability to process large flat structures.


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